You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - the decision of the court that you want to appeal;
  • - a lawyer who will be right against.
The first instance of application is a city (district) or the world court. The court takes into consideration: the case of divorce and division of property (property the amount should not exceed 50 000) and on the use of property; proceedings relating to the issuance of court orders (most often tax penalties); criminal proceedings referred to in article 31 of the criminal code; the administrative level (fines, deprivation of rights, etc.). All other cases will be considered by the district (Federal) court. To determine exactly in which court you need to file a complaint, contact the court Secretariat or court office.
In the case when the court's decision not satisfied, you can appeal. Appellate court: a complaint against the decision of the magistrate filed in the district court to the Secretary, cases in other jurisdictions are subject to review by the regional, provincial or Supreme court of the Republic. Served such appeal in the office of the court of first instance. Deadline to appeal is one month from the moment when the decision was issued in written form.
The court of cassation – the court of the subject of Federation (oblast, Krai, Republic, etc.). Submit such a complaint directly to the court of cassation. The deadline for the submission is limited to six months. Must attach copy of all previous judgments, but before you assure them a blue print of each of their vessels. Please contact a legal organization, so it is important to properly prepare the appeal and to consider all nuances.
When all instances are completed in a period of six months has the opportunity to appeal to the Supreme court. Specify the law violated the previous instances, which do not allow to restore and protect rights, freedoms and legitimate interests.
The extreme step in the appeal may serve as the filing a Supervisory appeal, which must be submitted to the Presidium of the Supreme court within three months after the entry into force of the decision of Judicial Board VS of the Russian Federation.