Marriage line is also called the line of Marriage (Marriage). To find it, look at his right hand. The line of Marriage is located on the side of the base of the hill of mercury, the bump, located under the little finger. Only the deep and clear lines talking about marriage/marriage, short talking about attachment.
How can I know I'm getting married or not
If the line of Marriage is situated close to the Heart line, it indicates early marriage. If she is in the middle between the base of the finger of mercury and the Heart line, it means marriage at about 25-27 years. No line of Marriage is a sign that you are not yet ready to family relations.
If the line of Marriage is directed upwards, this may indicate that the owner or possessor of not getting married/not getting married. Very clear, pointing down the line of Marriage indicates that the owner will outlive their spouse. Line Marriage, turning in the end into the plug, the separation of the spouses, and reaching deep into the palm of your hand - about the possibility of divorce. The existence of the line is more than one clear line of Marriage says about multiple marriages or serious Hobbies.
The owner of a line consisting of two consecutive dashes, most likely, will never marry. But if she goes to the center of the palm and into Success, it indicates a happy and advantageous marriage. A sure sign of a successful marriage/marriage is a deep and clear single lines from moon hill, which connects with the line of Fate.
Remember that the lines on your hand for life may vary. Therefore, if palmistry revealed to you is not what you expected, that's no reason to get upset. Rather, it is a reason to work on yourself, because it is in your power to change yourself and thereby affect their fate.