Marriage imposes a number of obligations and restrictions. It is important not only to register but also to take responsibility for the woman and children. There are no guarantees that things go harmoniously, and thousands of examples of unions that are proof. Why is this ritual necessary?

Wedding in a woman's eyes

Today, many people agree to a civil marriage. While the couple lives together, enjoying the closeness of each other, but not officially registers what is happening. In addition, each party performs the functions of a wife or husband, but I did not consider itself limited. Women in such relationships already believe that they are "wives", men often emphasize their independence.

If everything in life harmoniously, if life is satisfied and there are no serious conflicts, the woman begins to think about the wedding. She hints or says directly that they are ready to continue. It requires assurance that the man will protect and maintain it throughout life. For girls trip to the registry office — a pledge of security. After all, the man is not just signs, but all of the family confirms that he loves and is always ready to be there.

The birth of children in marriage for any woman much easier than in other ways. She realizes that her offspring is even legally protected and can rely on a share of the property. Also, a man is obliged to support financially and morally, if suddenly the relationship will not work. Legality and safety are the two criteria which in the mind of women are associated with stability. If you give it to her, she'll be much easier to perceive reality.

To marry or not

Men are usually afraid of marriage. The reasons each their own, but there are several the most common. First, doubts about the feelings to the partner, the uncertainty that this girl is the best option. Secondly, the unwillingness to take responsibility for the woman and children formed a psychological type that is not yet able to make similar steps. Thirdly, fear of marriage, as the life after seems limited and boring.

You need to understand why you doubt the wisdom of this act. Admit to yourself that it prevents to make a decision. If there are doubts in the relationship, so no need to go further. If the case in some fear, in unwillingness to make a decision, you need to work with it. Explain to your woman why doubt, discuss all the details. You may have to apply even to the psychologist to solve it.

And before you propose, talk to your woman about marriage. Learn how one looks at this agreement, what is behind this concept. Joining the Union must be made only in the case when exactly specified rules, when everyone knows what will happen from this step.