Use the controls provided in the device through which you listen to the radio menu in player or mobile phone, control knobs or radio or the combined device. With their help, switch the receiver to the FM band and set the broadcast frequency of radio station "Echo of Moscow" in your region. In Moscow except for the FM band (frequency of 91.2 MHz) of the transmission are conducted in the range of ultrashort waves at frequency 73,82 MHz.
If you do not know the frequency used for broadcasting "Echo of Moscow" in your area, visit the station's website in the Internet links to its homepage are given below. List of cities and regions with their corresponding broadcast frequencies are placed there on a separate page. To reach it, hover over "About us" in menu main page and select the link "the Echo in the regions." Broadcast frequencies on this page are placed in a table, where specified, and the range to which they belong - FM or VHF.
"Echo of Moscow" you can listen without the radio online directly on this site. To do this, click the inscription "Stream of air", placed in the top of the page, to the right of the logo of the station. Built-in flash element to listen will open in a separate tab, where in addition it is possible to see the schedule of upcoming transmissions. If you want to hear the latest newscast "Echo of Moscow" - click "news" at the top of the page.
On this website there is a link that triggers the free listen records with any date through the iPhone. Look for it in the bottom of the page that is loaded by selecting the "Broadcast" menu. On this page you can choose other sources of online broadcasts with different bit rates, i.e. calculated at different speed Internet connections.