Prepare your PC to receive Internet radio stations, if you haven't done so already. Connect it to the Internet in any way, selecting the unlimited plan or switch to this tariff if you have used limit. Install in the car the sound card, plug your speakers or headphones.
Make sure that is installed on the computer operating system is compatible with Flash Player. Download and install the latest version of this player.
Run the computer any browser and go to the following website:
In the list at the left side of the page, select your desired genre.
If your chosen genre is divided into subcategories choose among them.
It will load the list of stations that meet your requirements. However, it will present only the first ten stations. To download ten and find the end of the list press "Show more" and click on it. Each press of this button will complete its ten stations who fit the established criteria.
To begin listening to a station, click on located to the left of its name on the round button with the icon "Play" (triangle pointing right). In the bottom of the page you will see the virtual player, and at the same time start the playback of the audio stream. Therefore, you can only listen to stations broadcasting in MP3 format. If the broadcast format is AAC, you will have to install additional software.
To begin listening to another station, just click on the corresponding "Play" button. The playback signal of the previous station will automatically stop. To completely stop listening to you, closing the browser tab. You can temporarily turn off the sound without closing the tab, switching the virtual player is in pause mode.