The most serious problem you have to solve - how to make a choice of the huge number of radiostations. The Internet has no restrictions on the range of reception (for students) and there is no need for complex technical equipment (for radiobroadcasters), so the choice of radiostations is very large. In the network there are specialized web resources that specialize in making directories available on the Internet stations. For example, going to the website you can immediately begin to listen to the radioby clicking the start button flash a DVD player placed in the top of the page. This player has a slider which you can adjust the volume. The catalogue of stations placed in the right column of the page – there you can pick up a station more suitable to your tastes. Most radiostations, as in conventional FMradiobroadcast, have a musical focus, but there are others. Here there is even a few stations, around the clock broadcasting a fantastic radioproductions and audio books.
Is in the network and radio, purified from advertising, DJ speeches, news releases, etc. for Example, if you want to only listen to music radiobroadcast, you can find them on the website On the main page you can select the desired music genre. On this website for radiobroadcasting does not use flash technology - it is necessary to select one of three audio formats, clicking on which you run the built-in operating system audio player. To adjust the volume, tone etc means this player. When using this technology website you will no longer need to listen to, you can close it and the stream will go directly through the player.
In addition, most major web resources are brodcasting systems that broadcast their own programs. Such radiotransmission, usually have a narrow specialization - for example, sports or related business analysts.