You will need
  • - Access to the Internet;
  • check on the website "Vkontakte"
Go to your profile on the website "Vkontakte" and fill field as needed to make a username and password. Further, on the right side of the page find the section "Personal information". To the right of this label, find the "Edit" button and click it once with left mouse button. After that, you will see a page with fields to enter various information concerning his personality. The field "about me" located at the bottom. Scroll the mouse wheel down the page and find it. Click the window with the mouse pointer once on the left button and start typing.
You can tell about me the truth. What do you do to define the main traits of his character (calm, reckless, romantic), write about what you love (I love to read and chat), etc.
Many point to information about yourself, your favorite quotes, poems perfectly describe his personality. If you do these sayings do not know, you can look at various websites or in encyclopedia of aphorisms. If you need the phrase you found on the Internet, it can simply be copied into the field "about me". From the book – will have to reprint.
If you do not want to write the truth about himself, then it will come down and invented information. It can be humorous, erotic, intimidating nature, etc. the Main thing – to begin to compose. But you can also use some templates. For example, "name, height, weight, mileage, force of impact etc."
If you want, you can tell us about yourself absolutely nothing, leaving it blank. Or build from various signs and symbols of any pattern. You can use the various sites that host a huge variety of pictures.
After you fill in about yourself, look underneath the "Save" button and click on it once with left mouse button. After a few seconds the information will be preserved and the top of the page will display "Changes saved. New data will be reflected on Your page".