You will need
  • - bright long ribbon;
  • - a lot of balloons;
  • - set of boxes of different sizes;
  • - gift wrapping paper;
  • - a gift.
Early in the morning tie a bright ribbon or rope to the bed of the child, guide her across the nursery. That was especially fun and interesting, more winds through the rooms of the apartment, obvorachivanie ribbon around chairs and other items. At the end of the road tie a giftthat you bought for the baby. The morning will begin with fun games, and that giving a gift will remember for a long time.
Instead of rope you can use flash cards or arrow drawn map with "treasure .
Hire artists for gift presentation. In many cities there are firms that will offer you a lot of characters to choose from. This can be the heroes of the famous and popular animated feature films or fairy tale characters.
More adult birthday you can surprise an unexpected gift. In a festive day hand man pretty boring mediocre gift, but one that will definitely come in handy in life (socks, towel, toiletries, money box). Inside carefully put the main gift (jewelry, a new mobile phone, a large sum of money).
Girlfriend or boyfriend you can play by buying a small gift, pack it in a suitable box. But this gift need to put in other big boxes. Deployed a bunch of bright packaging and meters of ribbons and bows "will decorate the room and cheer the birthday boy and guests.
The gift can be hidden in the room, the ceiling filled with balloons. This is a really fun and happy when the birthday meet friends and relatives in the house with gifts and colored balls.
Agree in advance with the sellers store where you purchased a gift that comes in a given day with a person will need to play. In the salon joyful servants will tell the birthday boy that he won the Grand prize and hand him the gift that you paid. Then of course, you'll say it's your idea, and the surprise you purchased.