Each month spend your self-examination: examine the mammary glands. To carry out this procedure appropriate at the sixth-the thirteenth day cycle (days are calculated starting from the first day of menstruation).
Inspect removed the bra and make sure that the contact areas of the underwear with the nipples missing any spots.
Stand before a mirror and carefully inspect the mammary glands. Note that if there are any irregularities in the shape of mammary glands and if they are equal in size.
Touch left hand (flat) right breast and make sure that there is no hardening and swelling. Then the right hand examine the left breast.
Thumb and forefinger squeeze each nipple and check whether it is allocated from the liquid.
Then the examination in the supine position. Lay, right hand lay over the head and left hand (palm) touch right breast. After that, likewise examine your left breast your right hand.
Anxiety symptoms can include the following symptoms: swollen lymph nodes under the arm, bullet or puckering of the nipple, changing the shape of the breast, peeling of the skin of the mammary glands, the appearance of the seal or swelling in the breast. And be alerted should the appearance of "dimples" on the skin when lifting the arms above the head.