A malignant tumor is a chaotic multiplication of diseased cells of some organs. Cancernew tumor can grow in other tissues of the body, its cells are carried by the flow of blood throughout the body. Scientists have been unable to find out exactly the cause of cancer of the breast, however, some risk factors identified to be the woman's age, previous disease, diet, genetic predisposition.
Here are some of the symptoms of cancer of the breast, who should know all women: - bleeding from the nipples;
- changing the shape or density of the breast;
- the appearance of the tumor in the breast or in the underarm area;
- the emergence of a solid seal in the breast;
- change the appearance of the skin of the breast or nipple wrinkling, peeling, redness, cracking, etc.
- the emergence of a region that is very different in appearance and touch.
If you're self-breast examination, you will soon understand what their normal state, will be able to notice any changes, and, therefore, time to recognize cancer of the breast.
On the fifth day of menstruation stand in front of the mirror with drooping hands and carefully inspect your Breasts?, to exclude external signs, which we discussed above. Determine the symmetry of the Breasts, skin and nipples. Then, arms raised, inspect the lower part of the breast. Then carefully touch the chest to determine the sealing status of the lymph nodes and the presence of discharge from the nipples.
Every woman over 25 years should undergo breast examination ultrasound or mammography. Mammography – x-ray apparatus especially designed for determining the cancer of the breast. It is very effective and allows to determine the tumor at a very early stage, and therefore, time to begin treatment.
Ultrasonography (us) reveals benign and malignant tumors at the early stages.Remember: you are responsible for your health. Beware!