For admission to state preschool requires the following documents:
1. Statement. It can be parents, guardians or persons replacing the parents temporarily. On the basis of the application, the Commission records of a child under a certain number in the General queue.
2. Birth certificate of the child. It will be necessary to provide original birth certificate and one copy.
3. The applicant's passport. When submitting a set of documents must provide the original passport of the applicant.
4. Medical certificate. The document is issued by our pediatrician in the prescribed form on the basis of previously conducted examination of the child with the required expertise.
5. Vaccination card. In some instances, only an extract from the card of vaccination.
6. The policy of obligatory medical insurance.
7. In the presence of certain benefits, they also need to document the relevant certificates from the state authorities.
The following list of documents is given to the head of the preschool. Make the documents, the kindergarten throughout the year. After the application and all annexes, of the child recorded in the General or preferential place, and parents can only wait for the mail or telephone notification.
If you decide to place your child on the waiting in a private kindergarten or a specialized preschool, the list of documents may be supplemented. This information should be clarified with the heads of the relevant agencies. For example, if you place the child in logopedic kindergarten, in addition, you have to provide proof with the conclusion of the medical Commission.