The amount of average daily earnings can be calculated on a computer program. To do this, enter all the data on earnings and working hours. You will get the result to calculate the payment for the trip.
Manually you have to count all the received earnings for 12 months. Prize may be considered if they are paid regularly and their payment are specified in the legislation. Discretionary bonuses and remuneration in the calculation of total earnings are not included, as the amounts paid for social benefits, material assistance and other social payments. The result is divided by the number of working hours per year. Work average hourly wage rate for calculation of payment of the trip.
If you want to calculate the average daily rate to pay for the trip, add up all the earnings for the 12 months and divide by the number of working days in a year. The result is the number of payment for one day trip of the employee.
If you installed other normative acts in the organization to calculate average earnings, you need to add the amounts of all earnings during the specified billing period and divide by the number of working days in the calculation period. The result will be the payment for one day trip. If you divide the number of hours in the billing period, you get pay for one hour of travel.
The average daily amount should be multiplied by the number of days of travel to add premium area ratio and take away the income tax. The resulting number will be the payment for the trip.