You will need
  • A computer, a webcam, extra software.
The acquisition of the web-camera. Buying a video camera to your computer, you should pay attention to the certain factors. For example, you need to consider: the number of pixels, a microphone on the device, a set of necessary software to install the web-camera to the computer. If the first two factors do not play such an important role in connecting the device, the drivers are also available complete with web-Cam should be mandatory.
Install software for web-cameras. To install the necessary computer drivers, download software disk, which comes in addition to the main unit. After the disk is run without changing the set program parameters, install drivers on your PC. Remove the disc from the drive and restart the computer. When you start the system it will already include the ability to connect a web-camera.
Connect web-camera. Most modern web-cameras provide the connection to the computer via a USB 2.0 interface. Do the same videocamera can connect to a PC as with a wire or via Bluetooth. To activate the webcamera, simply insert the cord/USB receiver into any free USB port.