To begin, select the connection type and download the software if you don't have the appropriate disc. To download the app you can from the official HP website. Install the software. To do this, run the app that you downloaded from the site.
After completing this procedure, restart the computer or laptop. During installation of the program that the printer be connected to PC using USB cable. If you want to use a Wi-Fi network for connecting to the printing device, this step can skip.
Next, there are two ways the printer can connect to a laptop. If you are using a router to connect to the Internet, connect the printer to this device. This can be done using a WPS or by selecting the direct mode connection. In the second case you will have to open the web interface of the printing device connecting with the computer via the USB cable.
After connection of the printing device with the router or establishing a direct connect printer the laptop, run the app downloaded from the official website. Wait until the program will detect the hardware. Follow the guidelines step-by-step instructions for installing the device.
Make sure that the menu "HP solution Center" will get a notification that the printer is ready to use. Pay attention to the fact that the notice must belong to the wireless network and not to a USB interface. Now, restart your laptop and a printer. If the equipment is disconnected from the router, reconnect the printer and set it to a static IP address. Use address from the range of allowed values, to avoid problems with the connection to the router.