You will need
  • 1. Passport.
  • 2. The required amount of cash.
  • 3. Additional documents depending on the type of immigration.
One of the fast and legal ways to obtain a residence permit - opening of the US your case or buying an already existing business. This method is good in terms of paperwork for the Embassy would be a solid man, willing to work on the American economy. The downside is that in this case, it requires a significant amount of funds.
You can immigrate to USA as a refugee. For this you need to go to USAand apply to the Embassy for obtaining this status. To be recognized as a refugee, you must have proof that you are being persecuted in the homeland on the basis of race, religious or political beliefs, or any other justified reason.
If at home you in no way oppressed, and to leave still want to, you can try to find yourself in the USA the groom or the bride. For example, register on foreign Dating sites, thoroughly complete your profile and actively try to communicate. This will, of course, to improve my English. If you can persuade someone to come to her house or you will call to yourself, take lots of pictures together, they will need to confirm your relationship in the future.
In that case, if you two are religious organizations, which is recognized in USA non-profit, you can get a religious visa for 5 years. On it you will be able several times to come and go from America. For this you need to prove the connection between your religion and religious organizations located in the United States.
To go to live in USA, you can get an official job offer from a U.S. company. You only need to find such an employer who is willing to engage in lengthy and difficult procedure, so you can get a visa.
Perhaps in America you have close relatives who are citizens of the USA. They can apply for family reunification, after which you will be given an immigrant visa.