The first three digits of phone numbers, not counting the characters of the international code, called DEF-code. For example, the number +7-901-765-43-21 them will be the sequence 901. Each operator is allocated one or more DEF-codes for subscription service. One DEF-code can be used by multiple operatormi.
The easiest way to determine the number of the telephone of the operator of cellular communication, included in the "big three". For them are relevant for the next match:– "MTS" highlighted. DEF codes with 910 at 919 and 980 at 989; "Beeline" is highlighted 903, 905, 906, 909 and 960 at 968;– MegaFon allocated codes for 928 920, 930 at 938, and part of 929 and 997.
For other operators of GSM-communication dedicated DEF codes 900, 902, 904, 908, 940, with 950 at 953, 955, 956. CDMAoperatorm allocated for the use of 901 and 907. DEF code 954 is used the operatore, providing satellite communications.
Self-identify by number, phone possible one of the operators "big three". The other definition is difficult, therefore, for this purpose you can use special online services or programs.
On the Internet there are a sufficient number of sites that provide the possibility of determining the operator's telephone number. The principle of their work same, they differ only in the design of the proposed interface. In addition, some services show on the map the region of the desired subscriber. Examples of such sites can be:–;–;–;– etc.
Another option is the use of specialized programs. They have a built-in database DEF codes, clearly identifying the operator of cellular communication. Examples of such programs are:– PhoneWizard (java application for mobile phones);– "Operators of Russia" (a java application for mobile phones, PC version); "Mobile operators" (the PC version).