You will need
  • - nuts;
  • - sawdust;
  • - sand.
Like any seeds, enclosed in a thick shell, seeds walnut require stratification. To ensure nuts are suitable conditions for germination, they are planted in the ground in the fall. For spring planting you should soak the seeds in cold conditions and high humidity.
For planting, use fresh nuts from the harvest this year. The longer they are kept, the lower will be the germination. If you have the opportunity to collect the seeds yourself, select ripe nuts, which are easy to fall out of the box kernels and soak them in the sun a day or two. To dry the seeds in shade.
If you are going to put nuts in the fall, select the plot slightly acidic or slightly alkaline soil. Acidic soil should be limed before sowing. The groundwater level at the site must be constant, but not high. Dig the ground and make it groove with a depth of eight inches.
Put the nuts in the groove on the rib at a distance of about forty inches from one another. The distance between rows should be not less than one meter. Sprinkle the ground nuts. In areas with snowy winters, the crops should be covered with grass or sawdust layer of ten to twenty centimeters.
In the spring, when the nuts begin to germinate, remove parts of sawdust, leaving a five-centimeter layer. Walnut seeds germinate irregularly, shoots can appear even after a year.
Before spring planting the nuts kept for period of up to three months in moist sand or sawdust. Seeds with the shell, the thickness of which is less than a millimeter, it is better to soak in water, nuts with a thick skin strategicgrowth all the rules.
Before you put the nuts in sawdust or sand, soak them for two or three days in water at room temperature, which will have to change every day. Soaked seeds, place in a container with damp sand or sawdust on the edge, sprinkle with substrate and put in a room with a temperature three to seven degrees. Once a month the containers of nuts should be checked and, if necessary, to moisten the substrate.
Nuts with thin shells stored at a temperature one to five degrees in a dry place, and a month before planting soaked in water at room temperature. When the flaps of the shell will unfold, spread the seeds on edge in a container of damp sawdust and germinated at a temperature of about twenty-five degrees.
Plant sprouted nuts in the ground after the spring frosts.