You will need
  • - antipyretic drugs;
  • - no-Spa;
  • - lemon, honey, raspberry jam.
The most common cause of temperature — infectious inflammatory disease, because in fact the fever is a protective reaction of the organism. When the temperature of the body is the active production of interferon, which is essential to combat the pathogen. In some cases the temperature may rise to 40°C and even higher. This temperature is detrimental to all systems and organs, so to take measures necessary, without waiting for serious complications.
The easiest way to reduce the temperature with the help of medication. Of course, the treatment needs a doctor, but most recommendations are to products based on paracetamol and ibuprofen. They work effectively regardless of the cause of the temperature rise. If the temperature rose above 40°C, it is better to take aspirin or analgin.
Non-pharmacological methods of lowering the temperature is not so effective, but safe. Hot tea with lemon, raspberry or honey will help to reduce the temperature by one degree. Rubbing cool water — a year and a half bath with water temperature of 36.5-37,5°C on two or even three degrees.
Not the most pleasant, but quick way of dealing with heat — enema of cool, slightly salted water. Due to the sharp decrease in temperature did not happen vasospasm, pre-take 1 to 2 tablets but-shpy.
Acupressure is effective but not very popular way of dealing with high temperatures. The reason for this is the high probability err in finding the necessary points. Find the seventh cervical vertebra (it is easy to find as it sticks out more than others) — directly under it will be the first point. The second and third are located at both sides at a distance of one centimeter. First massage each point individually and then all three at the same time. Duration — no more than three minutes.
If the temperature drops, feel free to call for an ambulance. The doctors will assess your condition and make the anti-fever injection. In severe case, it may be suggested hospitalization.