Singing scales.
With the help of a musical instrument play "to" - "re" - "mi" - "FA" - "Sol" - "La" - "si", then sing by yourself, trying as best as possible to reproduce the sounds. Play the range from top to bottom and as well repeat. This exercise should be done at least 30 times in one sitting to the ear and the voice is better felt and remembered the height and the sound of each note.
This exercise is similar to the first, but again we need not range, but absolutely any tune. Just turn on your favorite song, and at intervals press the "stop" and propevia passage aloud.
The study of musical notation.
No harm will be familiar with at least the basics of music theory to memorize key concepts to grasp in principle. It will make the sounds more meaningful and will contribute to the development of hearing.
Singing intervals.
The ability to sing and hear intervals very important for the development of hearing. For this exercise you will need a musical instrument that You play intervals and then repeat them aloud. For example: "to" - "re"; "to" - "mi"; "to" - "f"; "before" - "salt" etc. until the end of the range, then down.
Opalanie each key.
This exercise facilitates the memorizing of the neighboring sounds. For example, opisanie notes "to" would be: "to" - "re" - "" - "si" - "to". Thus, we keep the next and previous sound from one note.
The study of classical music.
A more detailed study of the theory, the interest in the classics will arise by itself. You will be just simply wondering, what key and at what intervals built one or another popular song. Moreover, the complex interval or chord is easier to remember by using known motif that contains it.
Special programs and applications for the development of musical hearing and memorizing music for PC and gadgets. Such programmes are now online a great variety. In addition, You can use a mobile phone or player to record a musical exercise, to listen to them during the day, then musical memory You have will develop very quickly.

Select the method that will be most suitable for You. Better to start with the simplest example, the repetition of scales or a favourite tune. In consequence, it would be ideal to combine all the exercises to develop hearing in an integrated manner. Set a goal, You can achieve great results!