Jumping rope. This is one of the simplest exercises of endurance, which contributes to the development of virtually all muscle groups. Try to do the jumps daily, gradually bringing their number to one hundred per minute and more.
Skiing in winter weather, at least for an hour every day. Such walks are beneficial to the respiratory system. With any exercise it is very important the ability to breathe correctly.
Make a long run. Try to run slowly. This exercise helps build overall stamina and strengthens the respiratory and the cardiovascular system. It is recommended to drink less water to get used to the harsh conditions.
Go swimming. It is also one of the most effective activities for the development of endurance almost all groups miss.
Walk in place or make long-term Hiking. Walking is a very important exercise in all phases of training. You can also stand on a gymnastic bench and go down with her on the floor, making a large number of repetitions. In between series train the abdominal muscles or muscles of the hands.
Do pushups, squats and pullups. This is one of the basic exercises for the major muscle groups. Gradually increase number of repetitions to the maximum.
Consume more amount of carbohydrate daily at the rate of not less than 4 g per 1 kg of weight of own body. This will reduce the amount of protein and fat half. This diet will give a big boost of energy and endurance of the muscles.
Take vitamins and minerals. When a hard load on the muscle must be consumed in conjunction calcium and magnesium to strengthen bones, joints and ligaments that can wear out. Eat more fruits and vegetables – natural power.