You will need
  • - platform height of 50-60 cm;
  • - platform height of 15-20 cm;
  • - vertical support;
  • mirror;
  • gymnastic Mat;
  • - a towel.
Develop the power of a push with the help of plyometric exercises. They make muscles work harder than normal and promote active growth of muscle fibers. The most simple exercise – is to overcome training distance on one leg. Pushing powerfully, sharply, try to go the distance as quickly as possible with long jumps. Change Jogging across the repetition. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Rest between sets 5-7 minutes. During the holiday stretch.
Stand sideways to a low platform. Slightly bend your legs and dramatically jump over the platform, help yourself with the hands during the movement. Now you stand to the platform other side. Do not delay, do a reverse jump just as you touch the ground with both feet. During the jump pull your knees as high as possible. Do jumping jacks for 30 seconds. Do three sets with a minute break between them.
Stand on the high platform. Gently two feet jump off the ground, and immediately, without stopping, sharply you jump as high as possible. Actively work with your hands and pull your knees to your chest. Land on bent legs. Again climb onto the platform and repeat. Perform 3 sets of 10-12 jumps.
Be sure to include in the training program is interval running. It is kind of a training run with the alternation of the maximum acceleration with the movement in average pace. Depending on your speed endurance, run 5-8 acceleration at 60-100 meters. In the middle of the run until you catch your breath.
Running is the most natural movement for humans. Most runners during the lessons easy start to work properly. The main problem for beginners is the correct movement of the hands. Stand in front of the mirror. Relax your shoulders and straighten your back. Then bend your arms at a right angle at the elbows. Begin the movement with your hands at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the imaginary line passing through the shoulders. Do not raise your hands high, not rastaplivaete elbows and keep the shoulders remained absolutely still.
Gradually increase the speed of the hands, do the movements more powerful. At this point, it is important not to squeeze tight fists, as this instantly leads to the enslavement of the shoulder girdle, and he begins to get involved in the movement. Keep hands, as if in each hand you have a butterfly that you are afraid to crush. Give training of hand movements every day for 10-15 minutes, until you bring them to automatism.
Some runners try to artificially lengthen the step. It is not possible to speed up the running, but violates its kinetic focus, as in this case you'll move as if by jumping. If you will jostle powerful step in itself will be longer, as it will increase the phase of flight. Nothing will hurt you, be sure to stretch the muscles of the thigh and lower leg.
To stretch the front of the thigh, stand near a stable support and lean on her right hand. The left hand grasp the left ankle. Pull the heel of the left foot to the buttocks taking the knee back. Keep your backs straight. At the point of maximum lift gently rock the foot with an amplitude of at 25-10, see Change the leg.
Sit on a gym Mat. Pull straight legs in front of him. Knees and heel hold together. Grasp hands behind your heels and tilt the body forward. Try to touch the knees with your chest, not forehead, shins.