You will need
  • washing machine.
To heat water for washing in the washing machine, you will need only to press a few buttons, selecting the desired program. Each of them has its own temperature regime, taking into account the contamination of linen and material of which it is made. So for synthetic products in washing machines there are special programs, characterized by lower maximum temperatures than for things made of cotton.
Wash cotton, depending on the contamination, the water temperature from 30 to 90 degrees. The maximum temperature for synthetic fabrics is 60 degrees. If you decided to wash delicate fabrics made of silk or wool, choose a low temperature to 40 degree, plus appropriate gentle wash cycle.
In the case of frequent use programmes temperature high load (wash at temperatures of 60-90 degrees Celsius), take care to protect the heating element of your washing machine from limescale. Use a variety of protective means that are sold in stores - special powders and liquids.
When choosing a washing machine consider the power of the heating element and its cover (it may be ceramic, which will provide extra protection against boiler scale).
Using the machine of the agitator type, heating the water for washing can only be achieved using auxiliary equipment such as: kettle, gas stove, water heater, geyser, etc.
Heating water using the washing machine for other purposes (except the Laundry) impractical due to the complexity of the procedure, violation of technological process of operation of appliances that can lead to failures. However, in case of emergency possible. To do this, select the desired temperature, close the hatch of the machine, then start a new wash cycle, and then, after the drum goes to water, use of its emergency discharge. Special open the front door (usually located at the bottom front of the machine), pull out the end of the hose, substitute a Cup and pour hot water.