Electric water heater in the home often called a boiler. Is a device used for heating water, especially popular with owners of country real estate, because in rural areas there is usually no centralized heat supply. Urban flats also use this unit during the period when hot water is turned off for repairs. Now manufacturers offer two designs of boilers: storage and instantaneous. Their rules of operation have their own characteristics.

Water heater

This unit, which in addition to its basic function – heating, still "engaged" and the accumulation, storage of the liquid. Bring the water to the desired temperature is performed using gas, electricity or heat exchanger connected to the heating boiler.

The most common the first two options. Better if storage boiler will be established by experts (if heated by gas, the presence of the personnel of relevant service required). Before operating it is recommended to carefully study the manual but, besides it, there are simple rules that will help to use the apparatus with maximum efficiency and safety:
to care specialists in the installation, make sure that no water leaks;
- before filling the water tank unplug the unit from electricity;
- before turning on a heat source, open the tap boiler serving hot water and make sure that from there the fluid flows, which indicates the filling capacity of the unit;
- disconnect the boiler from the energy source in heating period.

When the water is heated to the desired temperature, the boiler can be switched off to save energy. Experts recommend a water heater to keep constantly filled with water - this mode will allow to prolong term of operation of heating elements of the unit.
When you install an electric water heater be sure to use the ground, it will protect from fire the failure of the unit.

Flow-through boiler

Its peculiarity is the absence of restrictions by quantity of the heated fluid. But there is a downside, is to use instantaneous heater can be provided using water in one place; for example, you can either wash the dishes or a shower booth. If at the same time to open a few taps of hot water, it just will not have time to heat up. To achieve the maximum effect when using a flow heater, you need to:
- apply filter elements for flow of water;
- when installing the unit choose a location that eliminates contact with the body of liquid droplets;
- do not drop the temperature in the room where you installed the tankless water heater, below zero.
Tankless electric boiler it is best to be connected via an RCD (device auto off).

Most modern heaters are equipped with protective and control equipment, sensitive electronics. It is important, therefore, that the house was a stable voltage, especially for country houses.