You will need
  • For baby blanket size 110х140см: sintepon, (thickness 15 mm cut size 110 to 140 cm or 220х140 cm - use double addition); calico (with a width of 150 cm cut to size 230 cm); the string tone; the tape; a marker for fabric; scissors.
Before starting, wash, dry and iron fabric (calico, flax, cotton or other natural fabric). This is to avoid tissue shrinkage in the finished product.
On the prepared fabric with consideration of the seam, lay out the batting and sew on the arms on the perimeter of the long stitches.
Fold the fabric in half face inward (on the side of the left hand-sewn synthetic winterizer). On the sewing machine stitch from the fold line on the edge of taking into account allowances for seams. Making the line, you need to capture at the same 0.3–0.5 cm of syntepon. When stitching the last side, leave unbound box in the 15-20 cm) to turn the blanket right side.
Unbound area after eversion connect the subject to the bends inside the seam and make on the sewing machine stitching "to the edge". Thus you will close the circle "filling" of the quilt.
Change the presser foot on the sewing machine on special for prostukivaniya tissue. In the absence of such legs and to prevent "moving in together" the upper and lower fabric layers, the blanket must be pre-protegat to do the outline manually.
For symmetrical and curly prostukivaniya blankets with a special marker on fabric make marks.
Do the machine stitching on completed layouts.