Advice 1: How to plant tomatoes

Many people love tomatoes, and the variety of grapes the latter knows no bounds. This grown vegetable crop in the garden and at home: boxes, pots. The harvest was a success, you need to read the rules of planting and care.
How to plant tomatoes
Start with the selection of a site for growing tomatoes. If you grow tomatoes at home, if possible hang the pot on the wall in the house or on the balcony, it is not only very beautiful but also useful, as always for Breakfast you can pick a couple of fresh tomatoes. In the garden (in the country) the growing place must be Sunny and protected.
Prepare the soil for planting. For starters, you can handle it with lime if it needs it. If you have sandy soil, then dig a big hole and fill it with compost, so you're sure the tomatoes get enough water. Pour on top of the ground, and then can be planted.
Remember, tomatoes are in any case not should be watered abundantly. The soil should always be slightly damp. Otherwise, the tomatoes will grow watery and tasteless.
On cold nights, move plants into the greenhouse, so they do not freeze. Carefully watch the weather, it depends on your harvest. If you grow tomatoes at home, with strong winds and rain, they ought to be in the room.
Fertilize the plants once a week, but only from the moment when instead of flowers have already appeared the results. It was at this time the tomatoes need a lot of nutrients. Growing tomatoes is not only watering. Don't forget to fertilize the bushes.
Remember, tomatoes are much more fastidious care than the ordinary varieties of tomatoes. Show maximum care and attention while growing.
Useful advice
When the frost cover the tomatoes with the film, it should always be at hand, otherwise you risk to remain without a crop.

Advice 2 : Tomatoes: how to grow your own

Miniature tomatoes , cherry was bred in 1973 in the process of working on slowing the ripening of tomatoes in a hot climate. Tomatoes variety cherry has a more sweet taste and some decorative, they look good in salads and preserves. These vegetables can be grown in open ground and greenhouses, and in the home.
Tomatoes: how to grow your own
You will need
  • seeds;
  • - fluorescent lamp;
  • - "EPIN-extra";
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - sand;
  • humus is the earth.
  • loam;
  • - complex fertilizer.
For growing at home better suited to low-growing, determinate varieties. The size of their root system will allow plants to feel quite comfortable in a flowerpot or a pot. Preparation of seeds to start in the middle or end of March. Before sowing, it is useful to disinfect the seeds by placing them for fifteen minutes in a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Rinse the treated seeds under running water and dry.
Prepare a solution of four drops of "EPIN-extra" and one hundred milliliters of water. Soak the seeds in this liquid for eighteen hours.
For growing seedlings , tomatoes suitable soil mixture of equal amounts of sand, humus and sod land. Pour this mixture into a suitable container with a layer five or six inches.
Pour the soil and make in it furrows at a distance of about two and a half centimeters from each other. Sow the seeds in these grooves to a depth of half an inch.
Cover the seed container with film and leave in a warm room with temperatures not below twenty degrees.
Once the seeds germinate, move the container on the window sill. The plants do not stretch in a short day, they will require additional lighting. Typically, this use of the fluorescent lamp. Water the seedlings as dry land.
After emergence of the seedlings two or three true leaves, they can dive into individual pots if you're going to transplant tomatoes in the open ground. If the tomatoes will grow in your apartment, immediately to dive down them into larger pots. For this well pour the seedlings before removing them from the earth.
The soil mix from one part compost, one part sand and eight parts of steamed garden soil. Drop into this mixture the seedlings, presernov the roots of a third length. Plants should be sunk into the soil at the cotyledonary leaves.
A week after the transplant, the plants need to feed the solution of the combined fertilizer. Fertilizer "Stimulus" divorced from the calculation of the twenty scales on ten litres of water is quite suitable for this purpose. Feed tomatoes should once in ten days.
Watered the tomatoes twice a week but abundant and warm water. Do it in the morning. Two hours after watering will podrujit the soil and ventilate the room where the plants are.
Undersized tomatoes are grown in two-three stalks. To do this, leave the main stem and a couple stepchildren. The remaining shoots should be removed so as not to get too close to the hive.
To produce a crop of tomatoes, grown indoors, you should use artificial pollination. To do this during flowering every three or four days the plants should gently tap the stem so that the pollen from upper flowers were on the bottom. After pollination tomatoes should be watered.
Useful advice
If you want to get the seeds, choose for this purpose the first large tomato.
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