Start with the selection of a site for growing tomatoes. If you grow tomatoes at home, if possible hang the pot on the wall in the house or on the balcony, it is not only very beautiful but also useful, as always for Breakfast you can pick a couple of fresh tomatoes. In the garden (in the country) the growing place must be Sunny and protected.
Prepare the soil for planting. For starters, you can handle it with lime if it needs it. If you have sandy soil, then dig a big hole and fill it with compost, so you're sure the tomatoes get enough water. Pour on top of the ground, and then can be planted.
Remember, tomatoes are in any case not should be watered abundantly. The soil should always be slightly damp. Otherwise, the tomatoes will grow watery and tasteless.
On cold nights, move plants into the greenhouse, so they do not freeze. Carefully watch the weather, it depends on your harvest. If you grow tomatoes at home, with strong winds and rain, they ought to be in the room.
Fertilize the plants once a week, but only from the moment when instead of flowers have already appeared the results. It was at this time the tomatoes need a lot of nutrients. Growing tomatoes is not only watering. Don't forget to fertilize the bushes.