Choose a variety and plant seeds

First, get seeds. This is a crucial moment. For growing tomatoes at home is suitable only for low-growing varieties. High-will stretch even more, will not be so decorative and will give a full harvest.

For the cultivation of ornamental tomatoes will fit the following classes: "Bonsai", "Garden pearl", "ruby", "George Bush", "Japanese room", "Balcony miracle" and other names dwarf tomato. Indoor tomatoes give a small fruit, they have the largest varieties of "Balcony miracle".

After purchasing the seeds to determine the sowing date. Tomatoes for home growing are planted from mid-February to late March. If you have a glazed balcony, there is a lamp for supplementary lighting, then you can start planting in the early period. In the absence of all this select a date in mid-March.

Seeds of tomatoes for growing in pots ready exactly the same as those that will continue your growth and development in the garden. First, place them in a pouch made of gauze and Bessarabia in a weak solution of potassium permanganate (it should be pink).

Then place them overnight in a nutrient solution prepared with water with a growth stimulant, pills minerals or wood ash (1 teaspoon to 500 ml water).

Then place the bag with the seeds in the water, which should cover it by a third or half, and put in a warm place for germination. After 3 days the seeds will start to arise.

Yet appeared very small part of the white of the spine, place the container with the embryos in the fridge overnight or for a day.

Meanwhile, prepare the containers. You can use packages from-under juice or milk, putting them horizontally and cut the sidewall. Fill them with soil and plant the seeds hardened to a depth of 1.5 cm.

Swordplay, caring for potted tomatoes

In such containers they will grow a month, then transplant them into individual pots, yogurt. Not preobladaet seedlings and create a temperature not exceeding +20+23°, so they are not stretched.

3-4 weeks to dive down them a second time to a permanent place in the large pots. They should be larger – at least 15 cm in diameter and 20 cm in height.

Write next to each plant a stake and tie the stem to it. Spend the first feeding after 2 weeks after planting the bushes. To do this, dissolve the mullein in water in the ratio 1:10.

When the plants start flowering, feed them with a solution of potassium HUMATE and trace elements. Every 3 days, lightly shake the stem to better pollination. Collect the fruits as they Mature, so they do not interfere to sing to others.

That the fruits of potted tomatoes were sweet, grow them on a Sunny balcony or window. In the shade they will be sour.

The tomato plant is perennial. Don't throw it in the autumn, and leave to spend the winter in a pot, put on the windowsill, and watering infrequently. In the spring the plant has new leaves appear, begin to feed, dosvechivat it and looking forward to the fruit.