You will need
  • - Tomato seeds
  • - Trays
  • Earth
  • - Peat pots
Tomatoes love the sun, the more heat and light the plant will get bigger, tastier and brighter will be its results. Our summer is short, so to plant tomatoes to start, even when warm and does not smell. Tomato plants ready for planting in the ground at the age of 50-60 days. If you are planning to plant plants at the end of may, therefore, already in March, should start to sow seeds.
Take for planting only healthy seed of the correct form. Soak seeds for a day in warm water, then wrap them in wet gauze or cloth and check every 12 hours, did not Wake up. As soon as you start proclivity the first sprouts from seeds, visivite tomatoes in the tray. Count so that each plant had 2-3 square cm of the earth. Well pour the ground, put her sprouted seeds, sprinkle centimeter layer of dry earth.
On the second day begin to hatch the first sprouts. Take care of good lighting in the dark plants will begin to stretch in search of light, all their power will go in a long, but fragile stem, the root system remains weak, a good harvest from such weaklings you get. At night in the room close all the Windows with thick curtains to prevent light from the lanterns, the moon and other sources to seedlings. Otherwise, the sprouts will reach out at night for this useless light that will do them only harm.
When ascend all shoots should be slightly harden the seedlings. This will help to suspend its growth and will strengthen the root system. Take out all trays and containers in a cool place, where the day temperature will be kept at the level of 16-18 degrees, and at night can drop even to 8°C. the First annealing should last no more than a week, but more Mature plants will have then from time to time issue for a day or two to cool.
After the formation of the fourth sheet is to plant out the tomatoes in separate pots. It is better to take for these purposes, peat pots that can be planted in the ground along with plants. This will not only save the root system of tomatoes, but will also fertilize the soil. When transplanting into pots, take the bottom part of the spine. This process is called dive and helps to ensure that the roots of the plants begin to grow in width, which makes tomato plants more sturdy.
If you did everything correctly, by the time planting in the ground you will get strong seedlings, which will grow healthy, fruitful bushes.