You will need
  • - soil
  • seeds
  • - flower pots
To grow cherry tomatoes is better to start in the spring (March) when daylight hours increase. Tomato pots put on the South window.
To take soil humus, turf, and peat in equal proportions. Add to this mix a complete fertilizer and charcoal (Cup per 10 liters of soil).
To take a small seedling cups. Fill them with soil and plant in them a seed. For germination, place the cups near the battery, previously covering them with foil.
As soon as the first leaves sprout, move the cups on a windowsill. There, in the cool, the better they will take root and will not stretch.
After the appearance of the first true leaves, transplant the tomatoes into pots with a diameter of 10 - 12 cm, pinch the tip of the spine. It is necessary for good root development. After the transplant, liberally pour. The seedlings are very fragile, so try not to break them. Pots put the window sill and maintain a temperature of around 23 - 25°.
During this period should be moderately watered, loosen the soil around and feed fertilizers once in 10 days. On cloudy days, you should highlight them more light so the seedlings are not stretched.
When the first 6 -8 leaves, it's time to transplant them into large pots (at least 4 liters). Will Zaglebie tomatoes in soil at 12 cm So will improve the power plants at the expense of additional roots.
10 days after the transplant to feed tomato fertilizer. Repeat the dressing at least 2 times per month.
In the period of flowering and fruiting, don't forget to water the tomatoes, loosen soil around the foot and ventilate the room. If necessary, tie the plant to the support, mix in fresh earth, form the tomatoes by pinching.
Harvest as fruit ripening. To increase harvest cherry pick not yet ripened. This will speed up the ripening of the remaining fruit.
With proper care, your tomatoes will bear fruit until the winter.