You will need
  • - plastic cups; - soil; seeds - dwarf or dwarf varieties of tomatoes; - polyethylene; - additional lighting (agro lamp, fluorescent lamp); - pear for soil moisture; - pots with a volume of 3-5L; mineral or organic fertilizers; - clay; - sand; - peat; - wooden pegs
In order to grow tomatoes at home, prepare the usual plastic cups and fill them with soil. Disinfect the soil by filling it with boiling water. After it has cooled, put seeds in the ground, deepening them a couple of inches. In one Cup put 2-3 seed. Weak shoots after germination remove.
Cups with planted seeds in them, cover with polythene and place them in a warm place, the temperature which ranges from 25 to 30°C. until germination, transfer the cups with home planted tomatoes on the window sill.
To start watering only after drying of the upper soil layer. This will reduce the likelihood of fungal diseases. Watering home grown tomatoes with pears, sticking it between the wall of the Cup and soil. Using this method of watering, you will not preobragenia the top layer of soil and eliminate the possibility of erosion.
A month after the seedlings are strong enough, you can start replanting it in large containers. For growing dwarf varieties of tomatoes at home is best suited pots with a volume of 3-5L. On the bottom of the tank, place the concrete, pour a layer of sand with a height of 2cm, the middle of the pot, set the plant and sprinkle it with earth until the cotyledon leaves. In order to grow tomatoes at home, use soil, including sand, peat, humus and sod land, taken in equal proportions.
Regularly remove side shoots of tomatoes grown at home. This process is to remove the developing in the leaf axils of the shoots. And remove them with hands, without use of knife or any other sharp instruments. Timely getting rid of consuming nutrients from plants stepchildren, you will greatly increase the yield.
In order to grow tomatoes at home and get rich harvest, gently water them 3-4 times a week with warm water, avoiding erosion of the soil under a Bush. Every 2 weeks, fertilize plants with organic (manure, ash) and mineral fertilizers. And as the growth of stems necessarily podesavate them to vertically wooden pegs.
After the formation of the main part of the fruit, remove the top of the plants together with flowering tassels. Thus you will ensure grown in tomatoes full development.