First buy seeds. The black tomatoes include varieties such as "Dagestan", "Chocolate", "Black Russian" and others. Note the growing conditions.
Prepare seeds for planting, to do this, handle them with a solution of potassium permanganate, then with plain water. Dip in liquid fertilizer "Ideal" for 12 hours, then again perform the processing of clean water pooled. Temper seeds at a temperature of +1o.
Drop the tomatoes in the box. After emergence of the seedlings pour them with warm water pooled, produce irrigation after 10-12 days. When you see the first true leaves, pull the picks. Be sure to pinch the Central spine, you will develop a root system.
In may planted tomatoes in the greenhouse. Try to cotyledonary leaves did not contact the soil. Before planting treat the seedlings with boric acid. This should be done in cloudy weather, otherwise the culture will burn.
Prepare the planting soil. To do this, pour it with a solution of potassium permanganate and hot solution of mullein. If the day is Sunny weather – to plant tomatoes in the late afternoon, if it is cloudy in the morning.
When watering tomatoes be sure to ventilate the greenhouse, this should be done two hours after wet processing. Be sure to remove the suckers, as they will slow down the whole process of fruit ripening.
20 days after the landing make the first feeding of black tomatoes. To do this, use nitrophoska. The second feeding conduct immediately after the occurrence of the second flower brushes for fertilizer use chicken manure. The third feeding should be done after emergence of the third floral brush, fertilize tomato fertilizer. Another dressing you do after a week and a half after the third.
To prevent the blight, after 30 days treat culture Phytosporin. Watch the plants, because they are susceptible to various diseases.