Advice 1: How to grow tomatoes black

Tomato is very popular vegetable. It has many varieties that vary in shape and color. People can grow red, yellow, orange and even black tomatoes. Latest coloring obtained by coloring substances such as anthocyanin, carotenoid and chlorophyll. In growing a variety of tomatoes easier, as he calmly reacts to changes in acidity in the ground.
How to grow tomatoes black
First buy seeds. The black tomatoes include varieties such as "Dagestan", "Chocolate", "Black Russian" and others. Note the growing conditions.
Prepare seeds for planting, to do this, handle them with a solution of potassium permanganate, then with plain water. Dip in liquid fertilizer "Ideal" for 12 hours, then again perform the processing of clean water pooled. Temper seeds at a temperature of +1o.
Drop the tomatoes in the box. After emergence of the seedlings pour them with warm water pooled, produce irrigation after 10-12 days. When you see the first true leaves, pull the picks. Be sure to pinch the Central spine, you will develop a root system.
In may planted tomatoes in the greenhouse. Try to cotyledonary leaves did not contact the soil. Before planting treat the seedlings with boric acid. This should be done in cloudy weather, otherwise the culture will burn.
Prepare the planting soil. To do this, pour it with a solution of potassium permanganate and hot solution of mullein. If the day is Sunny weather – to plant tomatoes in the late afternoon, if it is cloudy in the morning.
When watering tomatoes be sure to ventilate the greenhouse, this should be done two hours after wet processing. Be sure to remove the suckers, as they will slow down the whole process of fruit ripening.
20 days after the landing make the first feeding of black tomatoes. To do this, use nitrophoska. The second feeding conduct immediately after the occurrence of the second flower brushes for fertilizer use chicken manure. The third feeding should be done after emergence of the third floral brush, fertilize tomato fertilizer. Another dressing you do after a week and a half after the third.
To prevent the blight, after 30 days treat culture Phytosporin. Watch the plants, because they are susceptible to various diseases.

Advice 2 : How to properly care for tomatoes

Tomatoes grown at the farm, different from the store. Fruit fleshy, juicy, sweet taste. At first glance it seems difficult to grow them. With the right care it is possible to collect a large harvest, to feast on tomatoes, and even roll up for the winter pickled, salted fruit.

The intricacies of caring for tomato seedlings

They are few, but if you follow these recommendations, an excellent harvest is guaranteed.

First of all, you need to disinfect the seeds in a pink solution of potassium permanganate. This will help to remove the surface spores of harmful microorganisms. Soaking for 10-12 hours in the growth stimulant will help to nourish future plants useful microelements.

Then the wet seed is placed in a refrigerator at +5°. This will harden the seeds. Adult plants grown from them will be able to withstand short-term cold.

Seeds are planted at home first seedlings. There are 2 tricks. The plants do not stretch, they can't create too greenhouse conditions. Let them grow at home at 20-22°. The second trick relates to irrigation. Excess – can lead to the disease "black leg" and pulling seedlings. Do in containers, where the young plants, and watering holes through them only when the soil dries.

Care for tomatoes in a greenhouse or outdoors

After the plants are planted in a permanent place, they also need to properly care. Planting tomato seedlings in the holes, which are filled with decomposed organic matter, a small amount of fertilizer. Recess before planting must be well shed.

Next watering is only 5-7 days (depending on weather). During this time the plants will grow roots, they will take root, and watering can to slow down this process.

For the same reason, so as not to injure the roots of each tomato put a peg and tie him with a rope, twisted in the form of eight.

Weeks 3-4 in the axils of the leaves appear stepchildren. Be sure to delete them. If they are small, you can pinch off their nail. Large cut with scissors and after each Bush they must dip in a solution of potassium permanganate, not to infect one plant from another viral infection.

This will help not to spread late blight. Gonna nip this disease in the Bud and airing of tomatoes. If they are under shelter, then you have to provide sufficient air flow and at night to close the Windows and doors of the greenhouse.

By August 1, stepchildren and remove all the lower leaves before the first fruit bunches. Pinch out the growing point of the plant. If there is a rainy wet weather, watering is cut, all green glittery fruit shoot for ripening indoors. So you can avoid the negative impact of Phytophthora.


Watered the tomatoes in the hot weather every day or every other day. Cool – every 3-5 days. It is important to give plants enough water to pass at 10 cm depth. Fertilize tomatoes every 3-4 weeks. In a 10-liter bucket of water dissolve the Korovyakov liter or half a liter of bird droppings, add a tablespoon of NPK.

All stirred and kept for 3 days in the sun or in a hot-house. After this time you can pour 0.5-1 litre (depending on the age of Bush) definitely on the wet ground. The shedding of the evening, the earth will podrujit the next day to provide air flow to the roots.
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