Decide on the list. Collect the suitcase on the principle that without which I wouldn't be able to do , is take what can I still be useful. Valuables, money, chargers and documents always keep to yourself and do not put in the Luggage.
On the bottom of the bag, put heavy things. Shoes put separately in bags or pouches around the edges of a suitcase or bag - this will give them additional strength. Inside shoes, you can push small things - socks, tights, scarves, etc.
Also down bag put warm clothes, books.
Buy small bottles and pour them in shampoos and hair conditioners, shower gels. This will reduce Luggage weight and volume. Anything that can spill (cosmetics, lotions and medications) in addition can be Packed in sealed bags.
In the middle layer fold basic clothing. Things turn the rolls so they won't wrinkle. The shirts lift up the collar.
In the gaps between the clothes stick twisted straps, charger. Fragile things put in the "bubble" package, or wrap in newspaper and place in the middle of the bags, shifting their clothing.
To the top of the suitcase or bag, put things in the cases - suits, dresses, if any.
If the bag is left empty, the gaps lay folded Newspapers - they will not allow things to move around the bag and won't add weight to Luggage.