You will need
  • The help of friends and free time
To accomplish this you can ask for help from their friends, among whom may be moms friends daughter. Help could include: the purchase of holiday decorations. It caps, flags, cake candles, balloons, pipes, festive napkins and disposable tableware in color, etc.
With the serving of the holiday all solved, now on to the custom cake and the holiday itself.
There are a large number of agencies holding an event for children. In this Agency it is advisable to order from the presenter, who will give a program at its best. There will be games, contests and everything that will give the guests and the birthday girl bored.
This holiday is more interesting to spend outside in the Park, but if the Day of birth falls on the cold season, the house is also perfectly will reign the atmosphere of the festival. Ordering service in the Agency, goes to order a birthday cake and the purchase of drinks and snacks. Services Agency easy to replace own images and playing Board games and holding competitions. Daughter maybe a little to participate in the organization of the holiday. For example, to distribute to friends and friends invitations.
When preparation is finished and the day came for the birthin advance, such as at night when the baby is sleeping to decorate the house. The reception will occur during the day, so the whole evening you can happily have fun, and in the end to make eating cake and unwrapping presents. Good holidays to you!