Talk about the possibility of celebration with the head or caregivers. In kindergartens there is a spacious and comfortable spaces where children can have fun, to play, to watch a performance and enjoy different Goodies. In many kindergartens the celebration of birthdays of students is a tradition. But if the head goes on is reluctant or makes any material conditions for such kind of loan, then think about how this idea is all justified. If you are willing to go to all the conditions – plan your holiday. No – think of another scenario. Your mood should not cloud anything.
You are allowed to celebrate the holiday, highlighted the great room, instructed what you can and what you cannot get from food and how much time may be spent on the event. Forward! Write the script, let it be the birthday your baby will tell you some of his children and grandchildren. Children's memory is phenomenal.
Take the suits and talk with a free day parents of classmates of your child about whether they will agree to a couple of hours to dotage, and to amuse their children? If volunteers are not found, then invite a clown or look professional animators working at children's parties. Well everything that kids adore, all that boring, but not too violently, to then celebrating the kids could calm down. In warm weather, the active part of the celebration can be moved to the street.
Consider every detail – the decoration of halls balloons, gifts for children, who will read poems, sing songs, guess riddles, and in every way to entertain yourself and the birthday child. No one should leave the party offended, everyone should just be enough. Buy Goodies for the kids, better lungs, so they don't broke their appetite. Prepare the outfit for the honoree, because it is waiting for the close attention and sincere children's admiration, and the lenses of the cameras and camcorders you're going to capture the occasion and happy children's faces.
Don't forget after a holiday in kindergarten to help staff to tidy up the place. Thank them for their understanding, support and participation in the event something need daycare or just a pleasant attentions. If appropriate and you will have time for it, arrange for them a separate Cup of tea, sit all together – moms, dads and caregivers. Well, this is how it goes: in some kindergartens the rules are very strict, but somewhere it is quite possible and even encouraged.
Be on this holiday as children. Have fun, admire, be touched, play. Burning eyes of your son or daughter and their friends will get the best reward for what you did right!