Samsung TVs and LCD televisions LG have completely different connection principles. Immediately determine what connectors are equipped with a home cinema and the TV, and then start to choose the optimal scheme of their connection. All modern equipment is now equipped with HDMI interface, through which uncompressed transmission of full information in this connection, quality video and audio when decoding is not degraded.
Depending on diagonal plasma panels, the number of such connectors varies from one to seven. The HDMI connection allows you to send multichannel audio to various formats and high-definition video. How to connect your TV to your home theater with this connector? Simple enough. Modern models are equipped with multiple HDMI connectors of the class to make it more convenient to work with a different technique. Be sure to read the instructions, after which connector you need to connect the cinema. Often all the interfaces are numbered, so to find, there is no difficulty. Knowing the number of the connector, choose the right audio and video modes.
Connect the home theater with the TV and just check the correct operation of the system, to your first viewing of your favorite film is not marred by additional tuning of system settings. Adjust the sound level and picture quality for easy of perception.
If you want to buy more powerful speakers for your home theater, be sure to check before buying, if they are combined with the existing cinema, and how they will perceive TV. Also check the availability of the necessary interfaces.