Decorate the vest at the time of its creation, if you do it with your hands. For example, knit a thing you can do delicate picking the type of knit pattern. You can do strict or bright, if you use several colors. The combination of two shades of one color, for example, light and dark brown can be beat.
The finished vest looks good when embroidered. Do it on the back or the sides of the vest. Pattern and color can pick up any. Decide where you will walk in these clothes. For work fit tonal embroidery. They will look stylish, not gaudy. For free time best fit a bold pattern. It will be beneficial to distinguish you from the crowd.
The vest can be covered up with beads. Pick out a picture in keeping with the type of vest and color. The easiest geometric, with a small number of colors. For example knitted vest with large beads of a contrasting color is very elegant. Or pick up a drawing and embroider it with colorful beads. The work is painstaking, but the result is very interesting.
The vest looks nice with applique. This often do on children's clothing. Buy a ready image on the adhesive film. By means of an iron hook in the right place. Vivid cartoon characters will delight baby. For adults it is possible to choose another pattern. Every season the fashion image changes. Changing of an application, you can always be relevant.
Bring the sides of the vest with leather flowers. Of leather or imitation leather contrast color cut out flowers. The usual flowers, what they draw they get, with four petals. The number of flowers must be at least 12 pieces that looked interesting. Tab them to the vest, securing the middle, and the petals allow to develop freely. Try to place them closer to each other. This decoration looks like a small flowerbed on the clothes.
Add to the vest bright accessories. A good addition would be a scarf. The color of the scarf also depends on the situation, for walks will suit a bright scarf. For work, choose less flashy colors. Of the accessories you can add cool bracelets, earrings in the color of the vest. And don't forget that bag also emphasize the beauty of the wardrobe.