You will need
  • Brush, clean rag, solvent for paint; fine grinding paste.
Prepare the necessary tools: a brush, a clean rag, paint thinner and fine grinding paste. And please be patient, it will need to wait for dry damage repair layers.
With a cloth clean the repair area, from polishing, dirt, dust and other foreign substances that may interfere with the surface treatment. Take paint thinner and wipe the place of the scratches, then it's make and fine grinding paste.
Clean water wash the area that is subject to recovery. Thoroughly dry it with a building dryer or wait for the surface to dry herself.
Pick the appropriate paint to perfectly fit the color of the car body. Apply with a brush the paint on the scratch, and paint the area until until the paint fills the scratch and the area it will not be on the same level with the rest of the surface.
Wait until the paint dries - it will take a lot of time. After the surface is dry, carefully align the plot, which was a scratch. Use the special paste.
The final touch to the repair surface will become polished. Then you can apply a layer of varnish to give the gloss surface.