You will need
  • Tracing the tape, ruler, pencil, scissors, thread, needle, sewing machine
Construct on paper a vertical line AB equal to the height of the back. Measure the waist and place a quarter of this value (plus 1 cm to fit) on a segment BV.
Measure the height from shoulder to the armpit, add 2-5 cm and measure the distance on the segment AB (to point G).
To calculate the length of a line ГГ1 to half of the width of the back, add a third of the circumference of the arms and 5 mm. This point will indicate the bottom point of the armhole, the center will be at half of the width of the back, and the upper bound is at shoulder level.
To build the neck from point A back to the right one-third of poluobhvat neck (plus 1 cm) and put a point D. From A measure down to one third of the just drawn line (D1). D and D1 connect smooth curved line.
The size of the Darts on the back and the need for its construction varies from characteristics of the shape. Its width at the level of the line of the shoulder is equal to a quarter or one fifth of the width of the shoulder. The lower point will be located at the level of the upper third of the armhole on the pattern. Tuck on the front of the pattern starts at the base of the neck and reaches the center of the chest or 3-4 cm above this point. The width of the Darts can reach half of the width of the shoulder.
How to sew women's vest
Transfer the completed pattern to the fabric. Add allowances for seams and cut parts of the fabric. Sweeps them manually and try to check the correctness of the size of the Darts. If the workpiece sits well, prostrochite it on a typewriter – in this case the edge of the fabric podhisita 2 turnover 1 cm or treat with overlock. The finished vest to sew buttons and handle loops.