You will need
  • - old fur coat
  • - decorative piping
  • - sewing supplies
Take an old coat that you already don't plan ever to wear. From this it will be able to sew a fur vest of your dreams.
Fight back from your old fur the same old lining and check for the presence of such small defects like holes. The inner side is much easier to do than to browse through the fur.
If holes or small cuts do exist, take a needle and thread and carefully sew. In order not to bother once again, you do need to seal all the plaster, brushing it first with super glue. But with larger and more ragged defects such focus will not pass. Here you need a bead needle and durable thread reinforced.
If you want to sew a fur vest from scratch, cut of the coat a nice piece of fabric. You can start to cut right under the sleeves.
On the one hand you can take merchnow tape and take your measurements. But the easiest would be to find a free sewing sweater closed in the front, and attach it to the canvas. The same is not recommended to be done with a sweater that tight, as for the fur vest these sizes will simply be inadequate, and you risk to spoil the whole painting. If there is nothing else, making markings with a good margin, who then cut off.
When all the markup margin was made, take a meter and measure the circumference of the armhole of the sweater. Ensure that the armhole on the fur fabric was where it should be.
Take the scissors and cut out the marked openings and at the same time all depicted on the canvas vest.
The neck does not have to be standard. Don't be afraid to give vent to their fantasies. Draw from a great and talented designer.
Next, you need a binding. With its help, sheathe all the places where walked the scissors satin braid. And here it is — ready fur vest, made with his own hands.
In the end, can decorate fur waistcoat with everything your heart desires.