You will need
  • - backing cloth;
  • - the range;
  • old sheepskin;
  • - threads;
  • - needles;
  • paper for patterns (tracing);
  • - the tape;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - ornaments for decoration.
Take measurements: measure waist, chest, hips and length of the future vest.
Build a pattern. On paper, draw a rectangle with the length equal to the chest girth and width equal to the length from the shoulder. Mark the outline of the arm openings and neckline. To do this, take a ready-made vest that fits your size, attach it to the pattern, then trace the neckline and arm openings.
Strut or cut along the seams of old coats. Inspect the surface, if it is threadbare or shiny spots, keep this in mind when cutting.
Place the fabric wrong side up and transfer the pattern. If the skirt is long, place the pattern, not across (so that it roughly coincides with the front and back), and along the back. Then your pattern will not have side seams that will allow your vest to look sleeker and bigger, moreover, it will be easier to sew.
Cut out detail vest with sharp scissors. If the fur is long and difficult to lay out, just pin the pattern with pins and cut out details directly with her, leaving allowances for seams. Cut the angle of the neck and arm openings.
Prepare the lining fabric, and cutting the lining on the prepared pattern.
Prostrochite on the sewing machine top and lining of the vest together. Connect the back shoulder seams of the shelves, remove the vest is there, do it through the neck. A hidden hem stitch the neckline.
If the fabric of old coats left, make the pattern stand-up collar. Cut strips equal to the size of the girth of the neck and width of 10 cm Sew them together, turn there, sew to neckline. Add decorative elements in fur of the same coats, by the fluffy and undamaged.
Adorn your vest, otherwise it will look boring. For finishing you can use various embellishment: beading, satin ribbons, a variety of fasteners. Experiment. Use the strap, it will give the vest an individual style or make of satin ribbons belt. Add decorative elements in fur of the same coats, by the fluffy and undamaged.