You will need
  • - old jeans;
  • - cotton thread in the color of the jeans;
  • - cotton thread in contrasting color;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needle for hand sewing;
  • - the tape;
  • - dressmaker pins;
  • blade;
  • - the main pattern blouse.
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - long range;
  • - chalky.
Before you begin to alter, wash and dry the jeans. Inspect the damage. Scrapes and even holes on the inner parts of the legs do not have to embarrass you like that cut up the side seams. You need the back part with pockets and pant legs. Can be useful another belt. In General, the stirring by the articles of denim, try to use machined part – pockets, the yoke, etc.
Fight back zone. Strut stepper, sciatic and side seams. Try to do it gently, without damaging the fabric. The yoke, if it is not unsew, and carefully cut it in half. For the front vests you will need the rear part of the pants with pockets and yoke pieces. All the vest consists of four parts: two shelves, wide straps, around the neck and a wide belt. The back turns open.
Make pattern shelves. It is a circle or regular septagon. The size is determined empirically – the item should fit into a piece of his pants pocket. Attach the workpiece to the chest, pin them with pins to the shirt and measure the line at which the strap goes from the top of the blank through the neck and to the top of the other workpiece. Add to this measure five centimeters.
Of the side parts of the pants will break the bar. It can be either solid or composite, with the seam in line with the spine. The strap can be with a zipper or button closure. It all depends on the size of the pants. Better to do detail such that it was wider where will participates to the shelves, and a narrow top.
Measure the underbust girth and the width of the belt. From the internal parts of the jeans take a strip of appropriate length and width. It will partecipates to the lower parts of shelves. Add to each slice a couple of inches.
Cuts both straps finish with a serger. Fold the allowances on the wrong side and zautyuzhte. How many items together as they will appear in the finished product. Try what you got. If you are satisfied, stitch detail.
Decorate your vest. Her style is such that the embroidery of colored threads or beads can be performed on the finished product. Think of the clasp. It can be short zipper, buttons or lacing in the grommets. Effectively look vest with three short zips in the front and at the back waist and behind the upper limit.