You will need
  • -Knit base;
  • - fur
You will need a meter of silk lining and a meter of any faux fur, any texture and any color. It is best that your chosen fur was quite smooth and soft, and its base was crafted from a stretchy knit – this will facilitate the process of stitching fur details vests.
Remove the scoop with the chest, and then build the pattern. Draw on paper a rectangle whose length is equal to the calculated circumference of the chest, and a width of 75 cm Cut out detail and fold it in half.
In order to outline the contours of neck and armholes, take your finished vest of your size, attach to the pattern and trace the line of the arm openings and neckline. Pattern means no side seams in the product that makes your jacket a more elegant and less bulky.
Then lay the fur wrong side up and transfer it to the pattern. Cut the angle of the neck and then the prepared pattern cutting fabric lining.
On the sewing machine stitch together fur and lining details. Then stitch together the shoulder seams of the front and rear parts, and turn the vest inside out on the front side.
From the same piece of fur cut strips of 10 cm, sew them together and turn, then sew collar to neckline. Sew to the vest clasps and add accessories and ornaments.