To start with the clothing for the doll costume, dress, nightwear, swimwear option.
Choose a suitable fabric. In this case, not necessarily to buy material. Perhaps you have a skirt, dress, blouse, that you'll not wear – they are perfect for sewing doll clothes.
Make pattern. To do this, remove the measurements with the dolls and place them on the paper, then on fabric. Do not forget about the allowances, they should be 1-1,5 see Also the interesting patterns you can find on the pages of specialized publications on sewing.
Cutting fabric from a pattern.
If the fabric fray at the edges, apply seam "zigzag" all the details. Sew all the elements face inward, smooth and remove.
As fasteners for a small clothing use Velcro. Also suitable buttons, zippers.
Pay attention to the decorative elements of the finished products – this will make them more attractive and interesting. Funny buttons, satin bows, pockets of other matter, applique, beads, embroidery – activate your design talents and your child will love it.