You will need
  • toys
  • - balloons
  • - large drawing paper and markers
So fun to decorate the house for the day of birth of the child show a maximum of imagination and creativity. Place throughout the apartment your child's toys, each of them can attach some kind of trick or souvenir.
Make your own poster-congratulations and hang it in the baby's room. On the poster you can put photos from the previous birthday party of the child and to leave space for the wishes, who wants to write guests.
Decorate the walls of the room themed pictures and cards. Prominently hang the garland and the greeting "happy birthday".
Be sure to prepare plenty of balloons to decorate the house for the day of birth of the child and to cheer up the birthday boy and his guests. Choose the balls that match the selected theme of the holiday to create a special atmosphere. Part inflate themselves and scatter on the floor, and part fill with helium and spread throughout the house. A small amount of leave balls hanging from the ceiling and ribbons attach little notes with funny rhymes. These beads can give to guests when the holiday will end.
Pick music for a festive day to create the right atmosphere and the children had the opportunity to dance.
If you are planning a theme party, for example, to search for pirate treasure or to travel to Dreamland, make the appropriate decorations that will help children to get involved in the game.
Next to each instrument on the table lay a souvenir that guests can take home in memory of the cheerful holiday.
Prepare a large drawing paper and markers for group collage-congratulations, guests can paint it in anticipation of all the guests.
Make or buy a piñata is a figure of papier-mache with a cavity inside that is filled with confetti and various candies. Hang her under the ceiling, and during the festival hold a contest to break the piñata with a blindfold on. The winner will be showered with candy. If the guests and birthday boy the whole evening will be in a good mood, consider that you have coped with the task!