Birthday in the style of a fairy tale

Kids love all the unusual and bright. Each child has a favorite fairy tale. In the style of this tale is you can make a festive table. For example, if your toddler loves Winnie the Pooh, buy a tablecloth and plates with his image. Insert into a glass tube and tie them with ribbon, mimicking the story of Eeyore. Decorate the room with balloons of the color, which was a gift from Piglet for a donkey. Choose the predominant colour yellow, which was a Teddy bear. Purchase napkins with the image of heroes of the fairy tale.

It is possible to simulate any story. So, for the tale of little red riding Hood will fit the decoration of the table for a child's birthday with the prevailing scarlet color. Fruits can be put in baskets like the famous girls. A cake with a picture of a wolf and grandma will be pleasantly surprised children.


Unusual to make a festive table by using the space theme. Fluorescent tablecloths are sold in specialized stores. The images on these planets glow in the twilight. Buy cups in the form of missiles and plates with the image of a starry sky. You can even order a cake in the shape of a spaceship. This original idea for decoration of the table like a child and his guests.


Children are often interested in the problem of the origin of man, the story of the Land and life of the dinosaurs. The prehistoric time can be a great theme for a holiday decoration. Put on the table a toy dinosaur. They can be an independent detail or support for some dishes. Stick on cloth image of dinosaur footprints. Let them lead to a main dish or gifts. Put fruit slices in the shape of the head of a Tyrannosaurus. So you get the unusual atmosphere of the holiday.


If the idea of dinosaurs and space is more appropriate for the birthday boy, the floral arrangement will be perfect for your little Princess. Buy tablecloth soft pink color. Purchase napkins with a floral design. In the same style, you can buy party hats for kids. In the center of the table place a vase with fresh flowers. Cake in the form of huge roses will be the finishing touch for table decorations for the birthday child.


Tell your child that the birthday it will travel through the Fruit country. Let the glasses be with the image of apples, pears and pineapples. Fruit drinks of different varieties have to be on the table. Major snack can be apples with icing on a stick. Each plate must be decorated with different fruit to the children themselves could choose it place. A basket of treats can be used elements of a fairy tale: on the banana, you can stick the beady eyes, the punching bag can "smile" with stickers-smiley. This design is a children's holiday table will give the mood of the evening.