You will need
  • - baby pictures from the family archive;
  • - the drawing paper;
  • - colors.
  • balls;
  • - clippings from children's magazines for collage.
Decorate the nursery with balloons. It will be great if the balloons to inflate with helium, then they would not sink. Balloons, inflated with helium, gather in bundles and hang around the room, and balloons, inflated with air, strew on the floor – children love to play them. If finances allow, a festive children's room design you can trust the professional firms engaged in the holiday decoration. In addition to standard design options you will offer interesting shapes made from the balloons – it can be as different animals and characters from fairy tales.
Make a wall newspaper dedicated to the birthday boy. On a sheet of drawing paper glue baby pictures, make a collage of images of your favorite cartoon characters, write a cheerful message of congratulations, and execute all vibrant watercolors or gouache! And above poster you can hang a garland from the letters "happy birthday!".
You don't have time to create posters with your own hands? Not a problem, buy a ready-made poster in the store. Now a large range of children's greeting posters with colorful pictures and interesting captions. You can also buy greeting the train with carriages, where instead of boxes: glue pictures of the child from birth to the present day – it will polihroniade the life of your child.
If your child has a favorite cartoon character, action hero or he enjoys some kind of theme (space, pirates, cars, girls - Princess or fairies), then decorate a room in this theme. You can purchase posters or print figurines of your favorite characters and hang them on the walls.