Submit your application and required documents to the tax inspection at the place of residence at any time. In addition to the main documents necessary for receiving a property deduction on purchase of real estate, provide additional. They are: credit the mortgage contract; certificate from the Bank about the amount of interest payments over the past year; copies of all payment documents confirming payment of the interest to the Bank. If possible, provide a statement of account in the Bank confirming the payments.
Wait until the tax inspection will check your documents and make a decision about returning to you less. It will take about a month.
If you want to income tax were not deducted from your current salary, to take a certificate from the tax office and take it to the accounting Department. If the deduction cannot be used for the year the payment is transferred, according to the Tax Code in the subsequent periods till the full payment.
If you want to get money into the account, you transfer an amount equal to 13% of annual income. If the deduction cannot be spent, it is transferred to subsequent periods.