You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - proof of income;
  • the Declaration;
  • - financial payment documents;
  • - real estate documents;
  • - account number.
If you bought or built your own home or purchased a plot of land for individual housing construction, contact the local tax Inspectorate to receive a property deduction. You can make a cashless refund, in which you temporarily not to calculate income tax, or receive cash to your Bank account. For non-cash deduction, please contact immediately after purchase, for cash, in 12 months.
To receive a property deduction you will need to present to the territorial office of the tax inspection statement, passport, certificate of income unified form 2-NDFL, unified tax Declaration form 3-NDFL, financial documents confirming payment for the property. You will also need to submit a certificate of ownership, contract of sale, deed of conveyance, a receipt from the seller, if the financial documents confirming payment, no loan agreement, if you took out real estate loans, your Bank account number.
To order a social tax deduction if you pay for your own education or education of children under the age of 24 years, paid for expensive private treatment or treatment of the spouse, children, parents, donated funds to charity, you'll need to present to the territorial office of the tax Inspectorate: statement, proof of income, Declaration, payment documents which confirm your expenses.
Submit documents to the tax office immediately after incurred expenses for training, treatment or charity.
The standard tax deduction you can return at the place of work, if you apply to the employer. The organization is required to file for their employees all of the information about income and financial statement for the final period.
Professional tax deduction you can get if you are an entrepreneur. To the IRS submit your application, passport, financial and settlement documents, for verification of the information, complete the tax Declaration 3-NDFL.
To return the excess amount of personal income tax on the basis of statements completed tax returns and financial documents confirming an overpayment.
Refund of any tax deduction is made within 1 month after submission of the application and all documents.