You will need
  • - certificate of ownership the apartment;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - the act of acceptance-transfer of the apartment.
According to section 3 of article 210 of the Tax Code, the tax deduction can be provided to the taxpayer not in the form of repayment of the tax to incomes of physical persons, and in the form of reducing the income subject to tax at a rate of 13%. In accordance with the latest changes PP. 2 paragraph 1 article 220 of the Tax Code is supplemented by paragraph 29, which establishes that the person receiving the pension, i.e. the non-taxable personal income tax income, can when buying an apartment transfer of property or its deduction balance tax periods preceding the purchase of an apartment. But the number of preceding tax periods is limited to three years.
If you bought the apartment not later than 3 years after retirement, you may expect to receive a tax deduction. Ie you are entitled to a tax deduction in the range of 2 million rubles only in case if in the previous 3 years you were paid a salary. To the pensioner to receive a tax deduction when buying an apartment, you must write statement about this to the tax office.
In the statement specify that you are a disabled pensioner, and specify the reason for which you are entitled to a tax deduction in connection with the purchase of an apartment. Attach to the application the completed tax return for the past year, according to the unified form No. 3-NDFL. Also, gather all the necessary documents that will confirm your eligibility for a tax deduction.
Attach to the application a certificate of ownership to the apartment or any other purchased residential area, contract of sale, the act of acceptance-transfer of the apartment. If the apartment was purchased on credit, one original copy of the act of transfer and acceptance you will need to leave the Bank, therefore, at the conclusion of the transaction with the seller, sign another copy of this document to provide it to the tax office. The documents present in the form of originals and copies. After the tax inspector will verify their compliance with the originals will be returned to you.