Advice 1: How to write a letter for a tax deduction

The law stipulates that a statement for tax deduction written by the taxpayer in any form. However, this does not negate the number of formal requirements for documents addressed to one or other government organization. It is advisable to think about the convenience of those who will read your statement and satisfy its request.
How to write a letter for a tax deduction
You will need
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - details of the account in the savings Bank for the transfer tax return (optional).
Each statement (and any appeal) must be information where, who is speaking and how to contact the author.
All this information is entered in a section colloquially referred to as a "cap" and placed in the upper right corner of the application.
In the first line, write "In, on-(your inspection) at the (name of village or district)".
Next - your surname, name and patronymic in the genitive (Ivan Ivanov).
Line below: "living at the address.
More below, specify the address of residence with the index. Add phone not required, but better to do it.
After the "caps" write in small letters (it is possible that all the word in large letters): "statement" (or "STATEMENT").
This word is place in the center of the row.
Then write the beginning line of a paragraph (use the tab): "In accordance with St....NK of the Russian Federation (indicate the number of articles of the Tax code of the Russian Federation on the basis of which you are entitled to a particular deduction) please provide me ...(indicate the type of deductions: standard, social, professional or property tax deduction in the amount of..."
Then you specify the amount owed you a deduction. It is important to understand that the lessohms is not called, the amount of tax that you have to return, and part of the income exempted from taxation. Simply put: if your tax deduction is equal to 100 thousand rubles, it means that the refund you are entitled to 13% of this total, or 13 thousand.
For example: "please provide me professional tax deduction in the amount of 20% (twenty percent) in the amount of 20000 (twenty thousand) rubles." To return in this case, if the tax has already been paid, you have 13% from 20 thousand rubles, that is 2.6 thousand R.
Will not be superfluous to indicate the amount of tax due to return and the way of granting deduction: the employer or by transfer to an account in the savings Bank.
For example: "I am entitled to a tax refund in the amount of 2600 (two thousand six hundred) rubles please provide me with the help of his employer".
Or: "...please transfer on the specified requisites:..." Then write the account number (located on the title page of your passbook), "the payee: (your name)", then all the details of the branch of the savings Bank where you opened the savings account. You can rent them in the office of any representative or consultant.
It is helpful to list all the documents attached to the application (confirming income earned, the tax paid and the right to deduction).
Usually it looks like this: "the order...". Then comes the list of attached documents in a column numbered list in the order in which they are attached to the application. For each document, it is desirable to specify the data series in the presence, number, date, issuing authority) and the number of sheets.
The below list summarize the total number of documents and sheets: "All ... documents ... sheets."
Print ready statement, don't forget to sign under it.
The deduction is available until the month in which reached (but not exceeded!) set for this type of deduction the size limit. [edit] Application for providing standard tax deductions. The statement can be promptly addressed to the accounting Department of the employer, as the provision of deduction — the tax agent, the execution of which does not affect its economic activities.
Useful advice
Example of filling of the application for a property tax deduction when buying an apartment here. In application No. 2, you indicate your Bank details for the transfer you a refund of overpaid income tax. Example of filling in the application on the distribution of property deduction when buying an apartment between co-owners here. Hope: we explained in detail how to make filling of applications for tax deduction when buying an apartment.

Advice 2 : How to write an application for the standard deduction

In accordance with the tax legislation, an individual resident of the Russian Federation and revenue-generating taxes from the received income at a rate of 13%, has the opportunity to receive a standard tax deduction. The deduction is available to the taxpayer and applies to each existing child if they fall under certain criteria that are the basis for the deduction. The taxpayer has the right to write a statement on the standard deduction.
How to write an application for the standard deduction
The strict wording of the text, in standard deduction doesn't exist. This statement is written arbitrarily, in the form of a normal statement: hat, the interpretation of the request, the application, date and signature. Adopted a statement, written by hand or printed with a printer. Taxpayers having multiple sources of income, in its sole discretion selects the fiscal agent (organization, individual entrepreneur etc.), which will amount to the standard deductions.
In the header of the application for the deduction, the employee appeals to the authority carrying out accounting, or directly to the head, in both cases providing the names of the companies. For example: "In the accounting Department of the OJSC..." or "the General Director of JSC...". Also, in the header of the application, the employee indicates his position, surname, name and patronymic. When the complex structure of the enterprise, you must specify the OU in which the employee works.
The statement is formulated usually in the form of requests. At the request of the employee to provide a standard tax deduction, the prescribed base, confirming the right to such a deduction, that is, the employee must indicate to which category a taxpayer it belongs to. Depends on the size of the tax deduction. It is desirable to refer the article and sub-articles of the tax code, according to which one can determine the category of the employee and specify what number of month to start providing a deduction. In the note, list all the documents attached to the application.
Providing a standard tax deductionfor a child (or children) is also carried out on the basis of the written employee statements. This statement is written in a form like the statementwritten in a deduction to the employee. Differs only in the wording of the request. In the request please provide a standard tax deduction to the employee for the child (children), which lists the child (Ren): last name, first name and date of birth. Also designate a base, confirming the right of the child (children) on the deduction. At the end of a statement shall bear the date, signature and full name of the taxpayer seeking the deductions.
As both a parent-taxpayer is entitled to a deduction for the child (Ren), one parent can write a statement at the place of work on the waiver of the standard deductionand in favor of the other parent. And the second parent, in turn, writes a statement to the employer on granting double tax deductionand with mandatory application copies (or second instance) exemption statements. Then the request is interpreted in this connection shall be a double deduction. For example: "Please provide me with a tax deduction at double the rate per child (each child) connection with the failure of their father...a standard tax deductionand the security of the child in me." If during the tax period one of the parents enjoys the deductionof th of the child (children), to refuse a deductionin favour of the other parent only in the next tax period.
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