First, you should establish the digestion. No diet will not help if you have problems with the intestines or stomach. The fact that very often clogged and distended intestine is much more than a place, so flat bellyICA can be forgotten. So, a few days in a row on an empty stomach eat vegetable or fruit salads (cabbage, apples, kiwi, for example) without adding oil, sugar or salt. Breakfast oatmeal or cereals with high fiber content will affect the gastrointestinal tract as a kind of scrub, eventually your digestive system will be gradually purified.
In order to boast a wasp waist, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with strict diets - just not to overeat and to properly combine foods. For example, the protein will remain undigested, if you combine it with carbs or starch. So the meat is best served over fries and fresh vegetable salad (always with a natural vegetable oil - this will assimilate all the vitamins). Sweet it is better to replace with tasty dried fruits, and smoked and roasted and is better to refuse. Meat or vegetables can be steamed - so meals better retain their taste and useful qualities.
From eating well helps a sufficient intake of water. Surprisingly, our body often produces banal hunger for dehydration, so make sure you drink at least 7 glasses of pure water a day. To eat more often, but much smaller portions - this is, firstly, well stimulates digestion, and secondly, saves from defoliation and the brutal attacks of hunger.
Download a press, but do not forget about aerobic exercise (swimming, running, dancing or even for a long Hiking). This is important because only with their help burned off the layer of fat that hides even the trained and toned muscles.
Eat citrus - scientists have proven that vitamin C can strengthen the abdominal muscles. And in any case no slouch.