Advice 1: How to pull the stomach

There are plenty of ways to make the waist more narrow, and the belly perfectly flat! Ironically, many of these methods are quite simple, so if you are unhappy with your figure, start fighting right now, then no doubt you'll win. So, what determines a flat stomach?
How to pull the stomach
First, you should establish the digestion. No diet will not help if you have problems with the intestines or stomach. The fact that very often clogged and distended intestine is much more than a place, so flat bellyICA can be forgotten. So, a few days in a row on an empty stomach eat vegetable or fruit salads (cabbage, apples, kiwi, for example) without adding oil, sugar or salt. Breakfast oatmeal or cereals with high fiber content will affect the gastrointestinal tract as a kind of scrub, eventually your digestive system will be gradually purified.
In order to boast a wasp waist, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with strict diets - just not to overeat and to properly combine foods. For example, the protein will remain undigested, if you combine it with carbs or starch. So the meat is best served over fries and fresh vegetable salad (always with a natural vegetable oil - this will assimilate all the vitamins). Sweet it is better to replace with tasty dried fruits, and smoked and roasted and is better to refuse. Meat or vegetables can be steamed - so meals better retain their taste and useful qualities.
From eating well helps a sufficient intake of water. Surprisingly, our body often produces banal hunger for dehydration, so make sure you drink at least 7 glasses of pure water a day. To eat more often, but much smaller portions - this is, firstly, well stimulates digestion, and secondly, saves from defoliation and the brutal attacks of hunger.
Download a press, but do not forget about aerobic exercise (swimming, running, dancing or even for a long Hiking). This is important because only with their help burned off the layer of fat that hides even the trained and toned muscles.
Eat citrus - scientists have proven that vitamin C can strengthen the abdominal muscles. And in any case no slouch.

Advice 2 : How to pull the stomach after childbirth

Immediately after birth the young mother dumped a lot of taking care of the baby. During this period, almost no time for yourself, however it is now necessary to make every effort to regain the slender and beautiful figure. Typically, the primary problem after birth is an enlarged abdomen.
How to pull the stomach after childbirth
For the first time after birth, an enlarged stomach is a natural and normal phenomenon. Gradually, the uterus is reduced and takes the initial size and during breast-feeding is a natural process of contraction of the muscles of the stomach. However, many women during pregnancy gaining extra weight. Therefore, now you need to pay attention to what you eat. Should abandon fatty, unhealthy foods, eat more vegetables, which help cleanse the body. Drink more water, it also helps in the fight against excess weight.
First of all, care must be taken to return the muscle bellyand its former elasticity. For this part, you will have to perform a variety of exercises to get a fast effect. And, of course, the most effective is crunches. Start with a small amount of press UPS and swing until you feel that you are becoming hard to lift body. You can gradually increase the load. However, before you begin to exercise, you should consult with your doctor – he will explain what stress is valid for you at this stage. Also very effective is this exercise: lie down and breathe deeply, on the exhale, try as hard as possible to involve the stomach and hold it in this state for about 10 seconds. Continue this breath for at least 5 minutes.
A very popular tool in the fight against flabby bellyω is the hula-Hoop, and the greatest effect can be achieved if you buy a wrap with special massage inserts, which stimulate better blood circulation in tissues, which in turn helps burn excessive subcutaneous fat accumulated during pregnancy. The first time you may experience quite pain, and even bruises, however gradually you will get used and will be able to hula-Hoop for 20-30 minutes without feeling any discomfort.
A very good way of dealing with the subcutaneous fat are different wraps that also give the skin elasticity and firmness, improving its structure and appearance. Usually wraps done in a day, a course in 1-1,5 months.

Advice 3 : Can I reduce the belly slimming panties

Trim and slim figure is the dream of many women. Unfortunately, it is not always diet and workout can achieve the desired shape, in this case, comes to the aid of spanx.
Can I reduce the belly slimming panties

How to choose lingerie

Contrary to popular belief, slimming underwear is not always awful. Many modern manufacturers produce quite an interesting model. To shapewear produced the expected effect, it is very important correctly to choose.

Well-chosen corrective panties will help to pull the full hips and buttocks, will make the stomach more flat. Underwear is completely devoid of seams, so dresses and skirts on top of it "sit" perfectly. For modeling panties very important correct form, usually they are sewn with very high waist, it allows you to pull the stomach, the lower part is quite often done in the form of short shorts that tighten the buttocks. Be sure to pay attention to the type and size of underwear, do not buy too small pants because they can run down your legs and stomach, causing General discomfort, besides the too small underwear can strongly RUB the sensitive skin. Slimming shorts should tightly clasp the figure, but it does not crash in a separate part of the body and not to over-tighten them.

The levels of correction

Modern manufacturers produce linen three levels of correction. Weak correction for you if you want to hide a few extra inches on the thighs and abdomen. This underwear is made of black stretch fabric, a special design redistributes pressure on the problem areas, making the buttocks and the abdomen more toned.

Linen medium level of correction represents the middle ground between shaper models of tissues and a tight corset designs. This lingerie is made of fabrics of different density, due to the complex cut of the modeling panties have a different pressure on the problem areas, allowing you to hide even a fairly large belly.

Hard shapewear for women with significant flaws. In modeling the shorts strong correction is usually used very rigid boning, which not only tightens the problem areas, allowing you to hide even with a noticeable belly, but also improve posture. For the first time after the purchase of this underwear do not wear it constantly. The first few days hard shapewear it is advisable to wear no longer than 2-3 hours at a time. Once the body adapts, modeling panties, you can wear all the time. There are models of slimming underwear that under no circumstances do not wear more than a few hours, otherwise they can harm the body. Usually this information is indicated on the packaging or accompanying instructions.
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